“I Will Rock My Baby Bump Like Rihanna” Moyo Lawal Reacts To Rihanna’s Pregnancy

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Moyo Lawal, the famous Nollywood actress has stated her opinion that she will fasimile eminent US female singer, Rihanna’s outfit und confidence to flaunt baby bump.

The actress made references with Rihanna’s pregnancy and declared publicly that she will flaunt her baby Bump with disclosing outfit just like the US female singer did.

She farther vowed that she does not care concerning the society’s statement on her next move.

She penned:

“This can not be a Nigerian?but see how sexy and good she looks …. Preggy inspiration❤️❤️ ….. …. p.s I will decide to go through this plenty work that is pregnancy then society will not allow me wear what I like ? If I hear?? ….. ….. I will rock this with tights though because my thighs are fat?.”

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